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Cimskil Automated Feature Recognition

Cimskil has developed the most advanced Feature Recognition capabilities commercially available. Third parties have made unsolicited comments stating that Cimskil's FR is the most advanced that they have seen.

Cimskil automatically recognizes a wide range of standard manufacturing features. In effect, the part model is re-defined in the terms of manufacturing features, as opposed the design features which can be radically different. This in turn enables the part to be automatically processed in manufacturing terms. To take one very simple example: the system can recognize that a part has a circular cutout, based on dimensions, as opposed to a nondescript cylinder or simple hole, and so the exact manufacturing method can be selected automatically. Please accept the latter as a simple example - there are very complex decision capabilities embedded in the product, particularly for some 5-axis features.

The Cimskil import capability can also import assemblies/weldments, and recognize many features across multiple parts, where it seems reasonable that the feature traversing two components of, e.g., a weldment, will be machined as a single feature.

Illustrated below are just some examples from the Cimskil Feature Library.
Within each of the types of feature illustrated, there are usually many variations.
To take one example: pockets can contain islands, or smaller pockets, or shelves, or have dwell angles on the sides, or convex/concave/uneven floors, or asymmetric walls, or fillets between walls and floors, and so on.





Flange Tops


Simple Holes


Counterbore Holes


Countersink Holes







Turned Profile

Turned Undercut

Turned Face

Turned Groove